It's so vital to learn to trust the God at work in us. Again, the One who calmed the seas with one word, the One who heals, sets free, and delivers. Jesus Christ, the One who conquered sin and death, and rose back to life. He, that God is at work in my life and He lives in me. So while I do not put trust in myself, I can trust and honor the new creation in me that is being daily renewed through sanctifying grace. Because I am in Christ, I can and should have confidence in my decision making ability, my thinking, my convictions, my beliefs because all of that springs forth from my personal walk with the Lord. I should live firm and free, not because I have it all together or know all of the answers but because I am rooted in Christ, firm in His truth, and yielded to the work of the Holy Spirit. I can be confident but boast only in the Lord.  If I have learned anything from dysfunctional or toxic environments, the one marker is you begin to feel small. You feel less. You actually fe…

On Repeat

TO LOVE A FOOL. CORY ASBURY new album release. To say I love everything about it is an understatement. It's on repeat. The lyrics, the melody. It's timely. It's soothing. It's comforting. I can't help but feel seen, heard, understood. It's raw, real, authentic and refreshing.  Incredibly grateful for the gifts and talents God has given the Body of Christ. Thankful for the creative and vulnerable ways many use their gifts and talents to encourage and build up the Body. There is so much freedom in the Father's love................. What if we wake believing we are loved. Go about our day reminding ourselves we are loved and choose to live and engage with the world from that place and truth. Then go to bed, laying our heads down thanking God for his unconditional, unfailing, unchanging, unending love. And put that on repeat.

An Excerpt

"Uncertainty and change can be difficult and stressful. I often put pressure on myself to have every situation resolved quickly and every blank filled in completely, but I'm finding there is divine peace in acknowledging I don't have to have it all figured out. By surrendering, my worry eases, and the empty spaces are filled in better ways than I could have imagined. Today I will surrender my empty spaces, and I'll offer the same peace to my loved ones. I trust things will work out in time; I can let go of the problem for now, knowing I am held in God's loving hands." (Excerpted: Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford)


Sometimes all it takes is just one. The power of one word. One touch of God. One move of God in our direction. There is power in one because of the One in whom we have placed our hope, trust and life. If you are weary, discouraged, holding on by a thread, fatigued or still waiting on fulfilled dreams, hang on friend because you may just very be closer than you think. You may be one step, one move, one decision, one moment before the breakthrough. 
Hold on friend. God has not brought us this far too abandon us. His word promises, he who started a good work in you[a] will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6) Remain steadfast in his love, his promises and in Christ. You are closer than you think.


When I think about 2020 and all that we have experienced and still experiencing collectively and individually, there are so many feels, words, emotions, adjectives. It's this ongoing story - the eventual sum of all events and moments that is telling a story that only God knows the beginning from the end, the details and simultaneously working it all together for good. I am confident that He is not caught by surprise. God is in control and sovereign. He indeed is orchestrating all things. It's in his hands. I'm in his hands. 
Through a series of prompted but separate interactions throughout the day today, God keeps leading me and showing me one of the purposes for 2020. He's showing me it's been a year of awareness, becoming aware and more aware. As I look back and trace the fingerprint and footprint of the Spirit of God, I do think that is the word for me. 
For all that 2020 has represented and meant thus far, it's most definitely been a time of heightened awaren…


Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is rest. While the world says hustle, grind, push, strive, reach to constantly make things happen, I sense God speak to my heart yesterday that "sometimes the bravest thing you can do is rest." I read an article the same day and it talked about the current employment/hiring climate amid this global pandemic. Specifically, many companies will not be hiring; however, if you see these five qualities, consider hiring them immediately. One of the qualities was someone who demonstrates ambition. In other words, what have they been doing or have accomplished over the past few months. I've been "doing" lots - maintaining our normal house routine, homeschooling and working full-time, and I've been doing lots of "resting" as well. Deep soul, sit at the feet of Jesus, think, write, ponder, talk with God type of rest. And while so many are taking this time to "do" lots and seize various tangible opportunities, I…

Even If

"Even if He doesn't..." that line reverberates so deeply within my soul. I just can't get away from it. It's really good theology. Yes, we reach for the stars, we pray and believe for audacious and ridiculous things in Jesus name all for his glory. Because why not? God is our Father. We have a present and gracious Father. And as sons and daughters, I can and am invited to come boldly to my Father with my heart, desires, dreams and longings. It's for the asking, so why not. I can and am given permission to ask of my Father and I will trust in His faithfulness and wisdom to answer me in accordance with His good will and purposes. In this season, God has been reminding, stretching and strengthening my core. He's helping me to ensure that my heart is continually fixed, steadfast and anchored in His love and goodness alone. So that if and when there should ever be a prayer or situation that God doesn't "answer" or "respond" in the way I…