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Surprise! I am not a fan of surprises. Absolutely no. Clarification. I am not a fan of surprises that are not good. In other words, I only like favorable, wanted, and pleasant surprises that work for me. Otherwise, I'll pass. No thanks. I'm not too fond of the feeling of being unprepared. I like to predict and curate how I respond. I don't want to be caught off guard. Yes, I have control issues. But as I dig deeper, I think my "need" to control stems from fear. I don't like unpredictable circumstances. I don't do well with awkwardness. And I don't particularly navigate uncomfortable situations with grace or poise.  However, I'm learning life is one big surprise! So if I want the good from the unexpected, I must also be willing to accept and embrace everything in between.  In my quest to insulate myself from discomfort or pain, and avoidance of situations or taking risks that could possibly subject myself to hard things, could I possibly be disadvan

The Light

Over the last two weeks, the word "light" was mentioned three times by three different people, and each time, I was in the headspace of thinking of our pending transition. It's not a word that is typically used or expected, in my opinion, especially in light of the context. The word choice and frequency were significant enough to catch my attention each time. So naturally, I'm inquiring and asking the Lord, what does it mean to me and my situation?  I'm still musing over it. But for now, it's given me encouragement, confidence, and enough strength to keep moving forward in faith and trust - especially in the face of the uncertainty, the mystery, and tasks to get us from "here to there."  As I type this, it's taking one day and one step at a time - towards the light. So while I do not know all of the steps and how they will all ultimately work out, I can have peace and assurance in the steps I am taking.  For me, "follow the light, keep walki

Moving Forward

Moving forward is a choice. For those who have decided to follow Jesus, there is no other viable option. We must keep moving forward in Him and in faith.  We have been given everything we need for godly living and to run our race. We have direct access to grace and resurrection power because greater is He who lives in us than he who is in the world. It might be a fight, an uphill battle, but if we would not fail or falter but keep pressing forward, we'll see the victory in Jesus. Fear is a liar. Don't let the angst of uncertainty or the obstacles you see deter or discourage you. Dig deep, and stay in the game!  How do we run our race with endurance, longevity, and fruitfulness?  We run after the Father with hearts of surrender, open hands, and no ulterior motive or agenda of our own but to obey and be about the Father's business. Our obedience is not rooted in fear, obligation, or some pro-quid tactic.  It's rooted in love, gratitude, and adoration towards a loving and