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Grace + Truth

I was reminded recently of the power of grace + truth. You must have both. And what binds those two together, bringing transformation, bearing fruit, and distinguishes us as Christ-followers, is love. I heard a recent message, and the pastor states grace without truth leads to relativism. Truth without grace leads to religion. We need both in everyday living - grace that saves us and truth that sets us free. Grace saves, truth frees, and love is what binds it all together with a spirit of humility and servanthood. All throughout scripture, that is the image and picture we see in how we are to live as Christ-followers. We extend grace towards one another, and we speak the truth in and with love from a posture of humility and servanthood. Finally, we cannot neglect the necessity and power of prayer in our daily lives, decisions, and relationships because we want to be led by the Spirit of God and not our own understanding. 

Know Yourself

Get to know yourself. And know your worth. I'm not talking about being a diva, self-centered or self-absorbed. It's actually the opposite. We lay ourselves down or the image of who we want to be or project to be. We can only fully know ourselves - the truest and purest version of ourselves by and through the one who created us, spoke our life into existence, and continues to speak life into our spirit. We can only know our worth when we look intently into the face of the one who is alone worthy of all honor and glory.  With all of our seeking and searching and running, the Father says seek me, search me, and run into my arms to be known, to be seen, to be heard, to be found. The beginning of knowing ourselves and becoming who God has created us to be is the beginning of the end of the self pursuit. And now, the pursuit of Christ. To seek Him and to know Him is to find ourselves in Him. Completely and wholly and securely identifying with Jesus Christ and carrying the identity of


There is truly no safer place than in the Presence of God Almighty. To be found in Him. Hidden and tucked in the shadow of His protective and power wing, abiding in His Word, and cleaving to Him alone. There has never been a time where many are seeking protection and peace—the assurance of something greater than ourselves and our ability to take care of ourselves.  I am so grateful that God is my hiding place. And in my weak moments when I feel like giving up, He never once has given up on me. He's holding onto me -- and as I set my gaze and heart towards Him, He'll lead me to paths of peace because He goes with me.  God is my covering, and I daily choose to submit and surrender to His Lordship. It's not restrictive and limiting but frees me to truly live, not in fear. It's actually a beautiful exchange --- everything that is less than for everything that is more than enough. 

Super Tuesday

God is still on the throne, and in Him alone, we trust. It's super Tuesday because Jesus is King, and He's got us. God holds us and the world in His hands. We can walk in peace and confidence in our great God and Savior. Scripture says it best, and here are a few truth and promises:   "You will keep the mind that is dependent on you  in perfect peace,  for it is trusting in you." Isaiah 26:3  "A king's heart is like channeled water in the Lord's hand: He directs it wherever he choses." Proverbs 21:1 "We know that all things work together  for the good   of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28   " We know that all things work together   for the good   of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." Matthew 5:9  "Many plans are in a person’s heart,  but the  Lord ’s decree will prevail." Proverbs 19:21 "But I promise you,  no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed,

Principles vs. Personality

In a current culture where it seems a greater emphasis is placed on personality versus principles, we must be cautious, especially when making decisions. Our decisions should be based on principle and value versus simply and solely on a personality or personality figure. Of course, personality may and does play a role and part, and there is an appropriate time and place for those types of situations. However, weightier the decision that has a long term or far-reaching effect should be considered and weighed through principles, and for me, biblical principles, values, and policies. Someone's personality is not necessarily the same or fully and completely reflective of their character - integrity, moral or ethical quality. While one can and may influence the other at times, one's character is the essence and core of a person, and personality is a persona that is often changed and adapts to meet whatever situation or group the person is attempting to appeal to, influence, or win o