Principles vs. Personality

In a current culture where it seems a greater emphasis is placed on personality versus principles, we must be cautious, especially when making decisions. Our decisions should be based on principle and value versus simply and solely on a personality or personality figure. Of course personality may and does play a role and part, and there is an appropriate time and place for those types of situations. However, weightier the decision that has a long term or far reaching affect should be considered and weighed through principles, and for me, biblical principles, values and policies.

Someone's personality is not necessarily the same or fully and completely reflective of their character - integrity, moral or ethical quality. While one can and may influence the other at times, character is the essence and core of a person and personality is a persona that is often changed and adapts to meet whatever situation or group the person is attempting to appeal to, influence or win over. 

For those reasons, we must be certain of what we believe and value, and remain rooted in those things in order to discern and decipher the wheat from the chaff with greater clarity. During this time in history, it's imperative and critical to peel away the convoluted layers that serve as distractions and sift through all of the differing narratives and voices to seek and hear the VOICE OF GOD for a situation, matter, person or decision. Let's take time to pause and consider the WHY to what we do, what we ascribe to, and ultimately what we believe, and not just follow the crowd or the loudest voice. 


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