There is truly no safer place than in the Presence of God Almighty. To be found in Him. Hidden and tucked in the shadow of His protective and power wing, abiding in His Word, and cleaving to Him alone. There has never been a time where many are seeking protection and peace—the assurance of something greater than ourselves and our ability to take care of ourselves. 

I am so grateful that God is my hiding place. And in my weak moments when I feel like giving up, He never once has given up on me. He's holding onto me -- and as I set my gaze and heart towards Him, He'll lead me to paths of peace because He goes with me. 

God is my covering, and I daily choose to submit and surrender to His Lordship. It's not restrictive and limiting but frees me to truly live, not in fear. It's actually a beautiful exchange --- everything that is less than for everything that is more than enough. 


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