Moving Forward

Moving forward is a choice. For those who have decided to follow Jesus, there is no other viable option. We must keep moving forward in Him and in faith.  We have been given everything we need for godly living and to run our race. We have direct access to grace and resurrection power because greater is He who lives in us than he who is in the world. It might be a fight, an uphill battle, but if we would not fail or falter but keep pressing forward, we'll see the victory in Jesus. Fear is a liar. Don't let the angst of uncertainty or the obstacles you see deter or discourage you. Dig deep, and stay in the game! 

How do we run our race with endurance, longevity, and fruitfulness? 

We run after the Father with hearts of surrender, open hands, and no ulterior motive or agenda of our own but to obey and be about the Father's business. Our obedience is not rooted in fear, obligation, or some pro-quid tactic.  It's rooted in love, gratitude, and adoration towards a loving and gracious Father who considered His One and Only Precious Son Jesus Christ and yet still chose to "bankrupt" heaven in pursuit of us. Our devotion is motivated by our belonging. God made a way for us to belong, have a home, and a resting place - forever. We are not orphans. We are not helpless or defenseless. We have everything we need given to us by a good and gracious Father. Keep pressing forward and onward, keeping our eyes fixed on the cross. 


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