The Light

Over the last two weeks, the word "light" was mentioned three times by three different people, and each time, I was in the headspace of thinking of our pending transition. It's not a word that is typically used or expected, in my opinion, especially in light of the context. The word choice and frequency were significant enough to catch my attention each time. So naturally, I'm inquiring and asking the Lord, what does it mean to me and my situation?  I'm still musing over it. But for now, it's given me encouragement, confidence, and enough strength to keep moving forward in faith and trust - especially in the face of the uncertainty, the mystery, and tasks to get us from "here to there."  As I type this, it's taking one day and one step at a time - towards the light. So while I do not know all of the steps and how they will all ultimately work out, I can have peace and assurance in the steps I am taking. 

For me, "follow the light, keep walking towards the light, and keep my thoughts centered on light" means life. Go forward and towards life, and that which is life-giving and life-producing. And the Holy Spirit will lead and guide me towards the light that brings life. My salvation and eternal resting place is secure. However, at this junction in my journey, I think God is saying I have grown up now. It's okay for me to consider and choose, within his loving and biblical boundaries, how I want to serve Him and live out the Great Commission at this phase of my life.  

As I navigate this new season and chapter, I am grateful for the creative and personal ways God speaks to my heart and tenderly shepherds my heart. He could have given me a "checklist" of markers of what to look for or do, but that would be too robotic and devoid of the personal relationship.  Instead, He engages with me as a Father and friend and says, "Daughter, what feels like life to you today? Where is the light shining and pointing toward? Let's go and do that together!" 

So today, I'm moving towards the light. I'm following the light. I'm keeping my thoughts on that which is light and life-giving. When I consider my life and making major life decisions in that light, it seems a little less scary, less daunting, and not so overwhelming. But instead, it sounds like an invitation to join in a great adventure.


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