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I read an article today about a man who left a church sanctuary for the first time in three years.  My heart sank, and tears welled up at the thought of this man separated from his family for 1,095 days. I wonder and imagine what those uncertain days felt like for him. Did he live with and in fear, anxiety, and heartache? How did his faith sustain him?  Heart wrenching for what he suffered and the countless others in the same predicament. I pray for God's mercy and help.  I was then challenged and convicted at the same time. Are our churches a sanctuary, haven, and place of refuge for all people seeking help? Are we equipped and designed to receive people in the time of their need and distress?  Have we created, cultivated, and nurtured a culture and environment that speaks to what we value or should value - caring for all people and paying careful attention to the orphans and widows, the immigrants, the helpless and disenfranchised? Our call is to love, shepherd, care, pastor all

The Next Right Thing

Let's do the next right thing. Focus on what's before us, and take the next step. Keep the long game in mind, but spend your energy on the present and the immediate next step or action. If we're not careful, we can easily be pulled in all sorts of directions.  We get caught up in what we see, hear, read, and find ourselves judging how our story, journey, or life is unfolding in comparison to those around us as a litmus test if we're on the right path or track. Our confidence begins to deteriorate, and we quickly lose sight of our own life. So we fret, plan, control, or check out altogether.  Planning for the future and considering the big picture is wise and important. However, wisdom also tells us there is a delicate balance. We plan, but all things are ultimately in the Lord's hand and timing. So hold all things loosely. This is not restrictive but freeing! God alone knows the beginning from the end, and all of the steps, turns, twists, and bends from here to ther

Choose Life

It often seems the darkest right before the light breaks forth and through. We are seemingly at the end of our rope, wearing thin, running low, at the brink of giving up. In that moment of desperation, the culmination of all the stress, if we would not give up but hang on, relief, an answer, fix, a miracle will sprout forth. God always provides a way of escape. It's not easy holding on. It takes everything to stay in the game, face the pain and uncertainty, and live. It's a real fight, struggle, and for some, a daily fight. Life is hard. Being a human is hard.  For some, the pain, hardship is too much, and they abort, abandon, or tragically succumb to the unrelenting feeling of despair. Others live with heartache, anxiety, and depression findings ways to manage and get through. Why do some choose to end it all, and others stay in the fight? Depression and death, despair, and desperation does not discriminate and is no respecter of person. The darkness comes for the young, old,


Wisdom reminds me that the battle belongs to the Lord. My job is not to engage in every match, struggle, and fight. I am to pray for wisdom, wait on God to discern the timing for action, and stand firm with my voice lifted high in praise and arms raised in worship. But the enemy. He wants nothing more than to entice me to engage in a battle that is not mine because distraction is his aim. The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to steal our time, focus, and energy. If I fix my eyes on the problem, turn my ear towards the noise, and entertain fear in my mind, my heart will follow suit. I start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and the need to alleviate my pain and discomfort. So I will control and fight in an attempt to "fix" my situation. I run myself ragged, and those around me too! To no avail, it is futile and fruitless. I am frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. I am no further than where I started, but worst. Now I want to run and hide.  Then give up. Resig

Song: Battle Belongs

Battle Belongs: Phil Wickham  When all I see is the battle, You see my victory When all I see is the mountain, You see a mountain moved And as I walk through the shadow, Your love surrounds me There's nothing to fear now for I am safe with You [Chorus] So when I fight, I'll fight on my knees With my hands lifted high Oh God, the battle belongs to You And every fear I lay at Your feet I'll sing through the night Oh God, the battle belongs to You [Verse 2] And if You are for me who can be against me? (Yeah) For Jesus there's nothing impossible for You When all I see are the ashes, You see the beauty (Thank You, God) When all I see is a cross, God, You see the еmpty tomb [Chorus] So when I fight, I'll fight on my knees With my hands lifted high Oh God, the battlе belongs to You And every fear I lay at Your feet I'll sing through the night Oh God, the battle belongs to You [Bridge] Almighty Fortress, You go before us Nothing can stand against the power of our God Yo