Wisdom reminds me that the battle belongs to the Lord. My job is not to engage in every match, struggle, and fight. I am to pray for wisdom, wait on God to discern the timing for action, and stand firm with my voice lifted high in praise and arms raised in worship. But the enemy. He wants nothing more than to entice me to engage in a battle that is not mine because distraction is his aim. The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to steal our time, focus, and energy. If I fix my eyes on the problem, turn my ear towards the noise, and entertain fear in my mind, my heart will follow suit. I start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and the need to alleviate my pain and discomfort. So I will control and fight in an attempt to "fix" my situation. I run myself ragged, and those around me too! To no avail, it is futile and fruitless. I am frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. I am no further than where I started, but worst. Now I want to run and hide. Then give up. Resign and surrender in defeat. 

But you see, in times of trouble, I am to run and hide, resign and surrender. So the question is, who am I running to, and where am I hiding? What am I surrendering to? I am to run to the Father and hide in him and his word. I am to resign control to the Holy Spirit and surrender to the Father's way and will. I fight from victory not for victory. I surrender not in defeat and despair, but to God's best. The latter is from a heart posture of hope and faith, the former is from a defeated spirit. I will not be overcome by my situation or circumstances but I am an overcomer through the blood of Jesus Christ. All I need to do is stand firm.  

When we are overwhelmed with feelings and emotions, the enemy wants us to lose heart, perspective, and question God's goodness. The enemy of our soul wants nothing more than to cast shadows and doubt in the silence and seemingly dark. But it is in the darkness that His Light breaks forth and shines the brightest, illuminating and giving life to all around. So I'm standing firm and I won't be afraid of the shadows. 


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