The Next Right Thing

Let's do the next right thing. Focus on what's before us, and take the next step. Keep the long game in mind, but spend your energy on the present and the immediate next step or action. If we're not careful, we can easily be pulled in all sorts of directions. We get caught up in what we see, hear, read, and find ourselves judging how our story, journey, or life is unfolding in comparison to those around us as a litmus test if we're on the right path or track. Our confidence begins to deteriorate, and we quickly lose sight of our own life. So we fret, plan, control, or check out altogether. 

Planning for the future and considering the big picture is wise and important. However, wisdom also tells us there is a delicate balance. We plan, but all things are ultimately in the Lord's hand and timing. So hold all things loosely. This is not restrictive but freeing! God alone knows the beginning from the end, and all of the steps, turns, twists, and bends from here to there. 

In an attempt to make the "right" decision by considering the totality of our life and various decisions' weightiness is notable. But if not held in proper balance, the freedom God has given can soon be overwhelming, limiting, and inadvertently put more pressure on ourselves than God ever intended. We are not equipped to hold the weight of our entire lives in our own hands. The truth of that statement is the heart of the Gospel. We are not capable of doing for ourselves what only Jesus Christ can do and has done on our behalf. What a liberating truth! 

Proverbs 16:9 is a freeing truth for those who do not like taking risks, crush in the aftermath of mistakes and missteps. "Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there." (TPT) It's not all on me to get it right, to figure it out, to make things happen! It's an incredible partnership. I get to be me, to make decisions, and live within the safe and loving boundaries of my relationship with God. He will steer, lead and take me where I need to be, and determine exactly how I will get there. For those who overanalyze or suffer from analysis of paralysis or indecisiveness, there is hope! God's ways lead me to greater freedom and less fear. If you are facing a decision or considering a change, remember this, just do the next right thing. Then let go, let God, and enjoy the ride. 


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