Know Yourself

Get to know yourself. And know your worth. I'm not talking about being a diva, self-centered or self-absorbed. It's actually the opposite. We lay ourselves down or the image of who we want to be or project to be. We can only fully know ourselves - the truest and purest version of ourselves by and through the one who created us, spoke our life into existence, and continues to speak life into our spirit. We can only know our worth when we look intently into the face of the one who is alone worthy of all honor and glory. 

With all of our seeking and searching and running, the Father says seek me, search me, and run into my arms to be known, to be seen, to be heard, to be found. The beginning of knowing ourselves and becoming who God has created us to be is the beginning of the end of the self pursuit. And now, the pursuit of Christ. To seek Him and to know Him is to find ourselves in Him. Completely and wholly and securely identifying with Jesus Christ and carrying the identity of a beloved child and friend of God.  

One look and one-touch from heaven can change everything. So look up, friend. Just keep looking up. 


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