Do It Anyways

Sometimes the bravest and most courageous thing I can do is "do it afraid." I can choose to stay on the sidelines wishing, wanting, wondering. Or, I can dive in and trust that the grace of God will meet me there and his grace is sufficient to sustain me. God's word tells me that He will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5) and that He has already given me everything I could ever need for life and godliness by his divine power (2 Peter 1:3). All that He asks is that I step out. The details and steps may be unclear or not fully known by me, but I can have confidence and peace in forging forward because the One who is calling me and sending me does know the details and steps. 

God is not disappointed when I'm afraid, scared, or even fearful at times. He's compassionate and knows it is scary being a human seeking to live an extraordinary life for the sake of the Gospel. Therefore, I find comfort in knowing that the great heroes of our faith were exhorted continuously by God to "be strong and courageous, not to fear or be afraid." Why is that? Because they were shaking in their sandals and afraid. It was scary! The things God was asking them to do was nothing short of requiring a God size miracle and his power. So it's okay to be afraid; do it anyway. 

There is a healthy "fear." A fear that drives us to utter dependency upon God alone. If we put it that way, what do we have to lose? Everything that should and needs to be lost (pride, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, control). We still end up on top in victory through Jesus Christ. I can imagine when I stand before God to give an account for the life I have lived, I don't think He's going to ask, "So I see that you served me, you forsake all to follow me, stepped out in faith all which is good, but I note you did it afraid at times." No. I don't think so. I'm more concerned about giving an account for doing nothing, either because I was too afraid, too comfortable, or complacent. We are not called to live comfortable lives, but we are comforted by the Comforter as we step out and live courageously and fearlessly for Him through the grace and confidence that He has given us and is providing us. 


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