Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is rest. While the world says hustle, grind, push, strive, reach to constantly make things happen, I sense God speak to my heart yesterday that "sometimes the bravest thing you can do is rest." I read an article the same day and it talked about the current employment/hiring climate amid this global pandemic. Specifically, many companies will not be hiring; however, if you see these five qualities, consider hiring them immediately. One of the qualities was someone who demonstrates ambition. In other words, what have they been doing or have accomplished over the past few months. 

I've been "doing" lots - maintaining our normal house routine, homeschooling and working full-time, and I've been doing lots of "resting" as well. Deep soul, sit at the feet of Jesus, think, write, ponder, talk with God type of rest. And while so many are taking this time to "do" lots and seize various tangible opportunities, I too have been doing lots, tending to my soul and resting in my Father. It's funny because I haven't slept more, in the sense of that type of rest. But it's been a very fruitful and necessary time. So for me, the bravest thing I'm doing is resting. I'm not strategizing, networking, planning my future or the things I want to see happen, I'm resting. Trusting and believing that as I am taking care of exactly what I'm suppose to be doing right now - my soul, my people, and doing the next right thing, and as I am faithful to the here and now, God is taking care of every thing else that concerns my future, dreams and hopes. 

So friend, while the world and every one else seems to be "passing you by" or "accomplishing" so many great things, but that's not where God has you, be brave and rest. God's got this, and he's got you. There is a season for all things. Refrain from comparing yourself to others or looking to the right or the left, keep your heart and eyes fixed on your Savior and what he is saying to you. Don't let your heart be anxious, rest and find joy in the moment and season that he has you. Stand tall and confident and rest in our faithful God. 

"I will exalt you and praise your name forever, for you have done so many wonderful things. Well-thought-out plans you formed in ages past; you’ve been faithful and true to fulfill them all!" Isaiah 25:1 


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