On Repeat

TO LOVE A FOOL. CORY ASBURY new album release. To say I love everything about it is an understatement. It's on repeat. The lyrics, the melody. It's timely. It's soothing. It's comforting. I can't help but feel seen, heard, understood. It's raw, real, authentic and refreshing.  

Incredibly grateful for the gifts and talents God has given the Body of Christ. Thankful for the creative and vulnerable ways many use their gifts and talents to encourage and build up the Body. There is so much freedom in the Father's love................. 

What if we wake believing we are loved. Go about our day reminding ourselves we are loved and choose to live and engage with the world from that place and truth. Then go to bed, laying our heads down thanking God for his unconditional, unfailing, unchanging, unending love. And put that on repeat. 


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