Amazing Grace

Grace is jaw-dropping scandalous and ridiculous. It will leave you scratching your head and left in awe and wonder. No mind can fully comprehend it, conceive, or perceive it. You can't adequately explain it or articulate it. You can only receive it, experience it, live it out, and freely extend it to others. That's how grace works.  We cannot earn, manipulate, manufacture, or strive for it. We don't deserve it. It's no wonder it's called amazing grace - unmerited favor. And this amazing grace is available to all - through the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to Earth to make way for us to receive this grace through a personal relationship. On that first Christmas over 2000 years ago, grace in the form of a baby came to be our Rescue. He would live a perfect life and die a violent death so that we may have access to grace and live. This invitation is for all people - everyone is welcome. 

There is hope for all the heartache and challenges of 2020, and His name is Jesus Christ. 


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