The faithfulness of God marks my life. Through all the seasons, I see His commitment towards me, even when I was not sure I wanted to remain faithful to Him. If I can be completely transparent and vulnerable, I have to admit the journey has not been easy or comfortable. Living a life of surrender and obedience is far from glamorous. Quite frankly, it is costly. It will cost you everything. To the logical, it makes no sense, but that is the mystery and miraculous power of the Gospel. That is the beauty and wonder of Christmas, and in reflecting on my story and journey thus far, could it be that my story is not too far off from the first Christmas story. Perhaps, I find my story in that very first Christmas account, and God is divinely weaving my life into this amazing story. 

Jesus Christ, who is God, left heaven and came to earth. His arrival was humble and anything but glamorous, but yet it was purposed-filled. He left the comfort of heaven to enter into my uncommon world to bring me comfort. He lived an ordinary life as a carpenter but was anything but typical to teach me how to live. He denied himself, committed to doing the will of His Father, even to the point of death - on a cross. Jesus Christ, still fully God, Divine, Holy but chose to wear the mantle of a servant, an obedient servant as an example for me. Like Jesus, obedience is not always comfortable, nor is it for the faint at heart. But, I know no other way to live because I am crazy enough to believe and follow a God that is all-loving, good, and faithful. God's pursuit of my heart is unrelenting. He wants His best for me. While parts of the journey have not been as I expected or prayed, and there are parts I probably would not have chosen for myself, I embrace my story and the mystery. It's been good. Hard does not equate to bad. God makes no mistakes. Whether I hear him clearly or in silence, in prayers answered as prayed, or seasons of waiting, if I understand his ways, or I feel like I'm walking in darkness, God is faithful, and that is the hope of the first Christmas.


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