In a world of social media, Pintrest and the likes, it takes great effort and in my opinion, incredible restraint to not compare, and to reject those feelings of insecurity, doubt and feeling less than that can easily creep in. My prayer is that we would hold and use social media, and the likes in the right framework and perspective. Again, I’m not ragging online platforms, see my previous post. Especially since I’m using one to write, and the platform for which I am being spiritually nourished in this season. I’m simply talking about making sure we’re building our life and habits on the right foundation. Keeping the main thing, the main thing. 

I love this John Piper quote, “God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.” 

God is not anti fun nor is he this rigid and stiff Father. God is a loving, and kind Father. He gives good gifts, and desires for his kids to experience the full riches of being his kids. And like any loving father, I think God doesn’t want for his children to experience unnecessary heartache, for his kids to live less than what he intended, and for his kids to not fully live in the benefits of the Cross for which Jesus paid for with his own life. Indeed God does want us to enjoy, and live an abundant full life. And he’s given us the roadmap to do so. So how can we live full, enjoy the things we have been afforded while keeping it all in its proper place? 

1. We need to know our true identify. 
2. We need to know the accurate standard for which we measure our lives, and success. 
3. We need to know the source of our acceptance, approval and significance. 

God is our creator. He formed and fashioned us for good works. God is our Father, we are His kids. He created us for relationship with Him. And the more we get to know our Father, the more we will discover who we truly are. In Him we find our identity, our purpose, our voice. 

Technology and the Internet allows us to have information at the touch of our fingertips, and probably at the speed it takes for you to count to three. That's amazing! And as technology advances, more researches are done and we will soon find that information or guidance that was once held as "scientifically, medically or research proven" no longer holds as the primary voice to base upon - it's constantly changing and evolving. We need a standard and measure that does not change, shift or over time becomes irrelevant, obsolete. God's Word is the only standard and measure that does not change, and has stood the test of time. Irregardless of how people may interpret or try to discount scripture, God's Word is infallible. 

Finally, while we appreciate a sincere compliment or word of encouragement, humans are imperfect so at times, people's opinions of us can be skewed. Resumes and twitter bios have limitations, we can put but so many titles before and after our name but those things alone does not and cannot fully measure the scope, depth, breadth of our lives- our worth, value. If we base our worth on what cultural deems as relevant, in style, trending or what people say or think about us, it's like trying to get water from a broken cistern. We cannot make something function in a way it was never created or intended. 

So how can we live full, and enjoy the things we have been afforded while keeping it all in its proper place? It’s in WHO WE KNOW. 

We are not significant or loved because of what we do or output. We are significant and loved because we are His. I belong to Him. He belongs to me. And from that place of belonging and love, we just can't help but act in ways that are loving and live a life of significance. We want to prosper in our souls, reach our destiny, and move forward with our lives not only with purpose, but in purpose. And God the Father has given us the blueprint- Himself. 

You belong. And in His house, there is no striving or reaching. Simply receive who he says we are, and just be. And from that place, we are free to be us. We can live free.  


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