"What a glorious God! 
He gives us salvation over and over, 
then daily he carries our burdens!" 
Psalms 68:19 (TPT) 

I love everything about this verse. Talk about waking up on a Monday morning and being reminded of this powerful and timely truth that I am not alone. I am not without help. I am not left to fend for myself and figure out the scary and uncertain parts of my life. For anyone who may feel helpless, overwhelmed, worry or fear, may this Psalm breathe life into your lungs and give strength to your bones. For anyone who may feel as if your life is out of control, or somehow you have made such a mess of things that it is beyond repair. May this truth wash over your fear and guilt, give you courage to lift up your head and be reassured that nothing is beyond God's reach or his saving. 

God saves us over and over- reaching down to whatever pit or trouble we may find ourselves in and he rescues us. He see us. He knows how to find us. And if that were not loving enough, he then takes that heavy load, burden and carries it for us. Not only once, but daily. There is a divine exchange that takes place. Fear for faith, panic for peace, anxiety for affirmation, worry for wholeness. So for whatever you are facing today, know that God is already there. He is already carrying it, and he's working it out. Indeed what a glorious God who is compassionate towards our humanity. 

Today, tell your heart and soul, God's got this. I can lay it down and walk in peace. I choose to believe that the blood of Jesus is enough to continually save me. I stand on that truth and let go of shame and guilt to receive his forgiveness and help to move forward. Let's pause, better yet, let's stay in his presence and daily surrender that thought or thing that holds us back or keeps us hostage. Then breathe in his grace and mercy. And exhale our worries and fears. 

What a beautiful and supernatural exchange.  


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