Something, Anything

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."  Max Lucado 

Every act of generosity and kindness counts. It is significant. It is needed. It does not go unseen. So please, try not to measure or compare your offering or gift to the person next to you. If you are serving and giving from a sincere heart of generosity, it's making a difference. I believe this is true for any context, moment or opportunity, not just navigating COVID-19. So what are some ways we can join and be a contributor to the world, not only amid COVID-19 but everyday?    
  • We can pray, constantly and specifically. 
  • We can volunteer our services (food pantry, deliver food or resources to the most vulnerable).  
  • We can donate food or make a charitable donation to a service organization. 
  • We can spread kindness and hope with our words, actions, and especially with what we put online. 
  • We can choose to believe and look for the good and turnaround. Be prepared to re-engage stronger and better once things stabilize. 
  • We can continue to be faithful. If you belong to a local church, you can continue to give your tithes and offerings, if your financial situation has not been drastically impacted. 
  • We can check in on one another, and your neighbors.
  • We can follow and abide by world, federal, state and local health and authority directives. 
  • We can continue to "show up" and be present, fully engaged with our life and those around us. 
  • We can take this opportunity to be a better "me" so we can be a better "us."  
And the list can go on. But point being:  I can do something. You can do something. We can do something. ANYTIME. 

And then perhaps for a few of us, we still have this "ache" to be assisting somewhere on the front lines but your situation or circumstances simply does not permit. Same. Me too. But be encouraged though, keep doing what YOU can do, and know that God looks at the heart, and not at the external. Keep sowing those seeds of kindness and acts of love. And watch for what grows. I just can't help but think God is up to something big and it's always, always good things. Don't despise or discount "small beginnings" when God is the God over all of it. 

"The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7 (NLT) 


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