There is More

Perhaps you've heard this saying, or some variation of it but it goes something like this, "You are either going through something hard, coming out of something hard, or getting ready to step into something hard."  Well, perhaps like taxes and death, none of us are immune from hardships, challenges and trials. So the question is not whether we will face hardships, or when will we experience heartache, but the more important and active question is, what will we do and how will we respond when it comes. Is it possible to suffer “well?” Is it reasonable to believe that somehow we can not only survive it, but come out stronger and better? 

I am a "feeler, " deeply and passionately.  So when hard times come, it really gets me and sometimes super hard. And there have been one too many times I have felt like a total mess and barely keeping it together. However, even me, even I still believe it is not only possible to suffer well (despite you feeling like you are falling apart), but I also believe it is God's desire for us. He wants us to suffer well, and more importantly, He wants faithfulness to be produced in us, and this is possible because He is faithful and faithful towards us. 

Now, before I go any further, please let me clearly state this, in no way am I trying to minimize anyone's pain, suffering or trauma. I also acknowledge some of you may have pain, suffering and trauma brought on entirely by the hands of another person. And if that is you, I am deeply sorry and my heart aches for the injustice and wrong. I am angry for and with you. God loves you and is for you. Secondly, I make zero attempts to sell you a "quick fix," nor am I trying to overly simplify the healing process due to trauma and pain, and I’m definitely not promoting a prosperity gospel. Thirdly, we are still fresh in the middle of this crisis brought on by coronarvirus and COVID-19. I am not insensitive to that fact as I too am still in the middle of this fight with you. However, I simply cannot ignore the facts. And I cannot miss this opportunity to inject or remind us that there is hope. 

Though a hard fact of life, nonetheless, it's still a fact of life. There is pain and suffering, and it comes to each of us. And while we may never fully understand on this side of heaven the "why" of suffering, I have to believe that there is more. I choose to believe there is more to our story. If you do not take away anything from this post, would you at least consider these thoughts? 

1.  Because of God, "there is more."  
2.  Nothing is Wasted. 
3.  He turns all things for our good. 

More to share in subsequent posts surrounding this theme. So for now, let's put a bookmark here, and I'll leave you with these questions to ponder: Is it possible that the things we experience and face in this life, could it somehow be an invitation in disguise? An invitation to choose more? An invitation for growth, or healing? An invitation to a relationship - to know and experience the person of Jesus in a way that we would have never if not for that hard thing? Make no mistake, God is good. He is not the author or creator of evil. He does not inflict evil or suffering. He does not cause terrible things to happen. However, I still say, I believe there is more. 

I don't have the answers or the whys. But I believe with every fiber of my being that there is more to our story than just our pain and setbacks. There is more to our life than just a string of broken dreams and failed attempts. There is more purpose than the suffering and tragedy we have endured. When we place our life - all of it, in the hands of an all powerful and loving God, slowly by slowly we will begin to see more clearly that He surely turns all things for our good, nothing is wasted, and we are His Beloved.  

(Song: Great is Your Faithfulness


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