Into the Grey


According to Wikipedia, "Grey or gray is an intermediate color between black and white. It is a neutral color or achromatic color, meaning literally that is a color "without color," because it can be composed of black and white." 

I like wearing grey. It's versatile, pairs well with many things, and compliments any color. It's a good staple and base to build upon. The options are limitless. However, wearing the color grey is one thing, and navigating the parts of life that can oftentimes seem "grey" is entirely two different things. Decisions, decisions, options and more options.  

"Grey" can be challenging at times. Maybe even messy, confusing or overwhelming. Or perhaps that's just me. But at this point in my life, I'm certain of this, oftentimes the blessing is in the process, and the journey is the gift. So we embrace the grey - the process and the unknowns of life because we look to a God who does not change and knows The Path, and our path. So for whatever season or life phase you are in, whether its the throes of parenting little ones, trying to make sense of your faith, searching for purpose, or trying to find meaning in the mundane or anything in between, you are welcome here. 

In this space, join us as we process our "grey." We'll talk about faith, family, marriage, dreams, life, business, leadership and everything in between. By no means are we experts. We're en route. However, we'll authentically share from our experiences and give our perspective. 

We hope to infuse color into your grey, or at the very least, shine a light to illuminate the grey you are experiencing and how to keep moving forward.  


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