A Gift

Life is a gift from God, and every life is significant and valuable. So for every day that we are given, let’s remember it as such, a gift. Let’s live in such a way that shows we believe it is a gift. Let’s live in a manner that is worthy of the life we’ve been given. Let’s celebrate often. Because we do so as unto the One who is the giver of life. 

Of course with any life, there are happy moments and sad times. Challenging, heartbreaking seasons and times of great joy, laughter. Valleys and hills. But God is Lord over it all. He holds the entire universe in his hands. And he’s holding me and you. So take courage for whatever is in his hands is safe, secure and of great worth. 

How can we be sure of this? How can we measure his love towards us? As Christians, that’s simple. We look to the Cross. We see the empty tomb. We lift our eyes. We see Jesus. 

Jesus Christ, the son of God confirms God the father’s love. And the Holy Spirit continually brings to our remembrance and empowers us to feel and experience this love. And this gift is available to all. 


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