The Cross

The cross holds great significance for me. When I think upon the cross, I am reminded that I am deeply loved. I am loved because Jesus went to the cross to make a way for me to have a relationship with God the Father. He took my sin and punishment so that I may have new life. The good news never gets old for me. With a full and grateful heart, thank you Jesus for your finished work on the cross. 

Today I find my heart and attention especially turned towards this truth about the cross - the cross tells me I am loved for who I am and not for what I do. I am simply loved. Before I could do anything "good," I am loved. Before I could contribute anything to the kingdom, I am loved. Before I even knew I was loved or uttered Jesus Christ, I was loved. 

I am loved for who I am - his kid, his child, his daughter, his creation created in his image. 

The cross was given to me before I realized, acknowledged or admitted I needed a savior. The cross invites me, tells me, and allows me to come just as I am. The cross gives me new life, new hope, new strength and I did not work, toil or labor for it. The cross allows me to freely receive. The cross allows me to be. The cross allows me to be loved. The cross allows me to be free and live free. The cross made a way for me to take on my true identity. 

A hard reality but it is true that in this world some people may only love, value or appreciate us for what we do or can do (for them). In this world we may only be celebrated so as long as we keep producing or are "useful." In this world people may only associate with us or are seemingly for us as long as it benefits them. And because of those realities I am thankful I am invited to belong and live in a different kingdom. So regardless of how I am treated in this world, I can look to the cross and be reminded it's okay because I am forever loved. I am always accepted. I will always belong. I am significant. I am enough just the way I am. 

I am thankful for the power of the cross. 


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