In the Middle

In my opinion it's always the hardest in the middle. It feels like the longest part of any process, dream or journey. For me, I think it's in the middle when my brain starts to play tricks on me. I find myself tempted to wonder or wander. Perhaps it's the fatigue from the labor that begins to set in. The initial adrenaline and enticement wears and the monotony sets in. The day in and day out effort and work with little to "no" tangible results to measure our efforts or progress starts to weigh on our heart and motivation. It can be challenging at times, after all, we are human. Then there is the enemy of our soul who would want nothing more than for us to abandon the process altogether, to grow weary in faith and hope. 

It's in the middle where you look back and realize you've gone too far, invested too much to turn back. You then look forward and quite honestly are not really sure what the future looks like and what our hard work and efforts will amount to. I think we've all had those moments. Either we are waiting for something, working towards something, or dreaming about something. It can be hard. Life can be hard. The reality is living a life fully alive with purpose takes work, discipline and intentionality. And if that is true, we better learn fast how to navigate the middle because we will frequently find ourselves in the "middle" of something. If we are going to live faith filled abundant lives, some things are not an option. Giving up is not an option. Retreating is not an option. Moving forward with dread is not an option. So what do we do in the middle? The last thing God instructed us to do. 

Keep showing up. Do the work. Pray. Trust. Believe. Worship. Praise. Surrender. Stay connected to the Father and rest in his love and provisions. I didn't say deny your emotions or feelings. I didn't say we can't acknowledge how challenging things are. What I am saying is that we don't camp there. Pause to regroup and recollect ourselves. Look up. Pray for clarity, fresh energy then keep moving forward. Dig deep, get in scripture, press in to God all the more. Surround yourself with encouraging people. Then encourage yourself in the Lord.

Waiting is hard. No way around it. And I think the most challenging part of waiting is the unknown, uncertainty. We just don't know how things will turn out, or if it will work out "well" or when it will happen. So perhaps it really boils down to an issue of control and trust. We need to "know" so we can plan, project, anticipate- perhaps in an effort to protect and take care of ourselves. While preparedness is good, but the need to control under the guise of "preparedness" may be rooted in issues of trust and fear. Not discounting the validity to any trust or fear issues, but this is still the truth, we have a Daddy. I have a Daddy. And he has it all worked out. He has taken care of it. He's taking care of me. So I am free to relax and enjoy the process - the beginning, the middle and the end. 

There is no striving or scarcity. The boundaries lines have fallen for me in beautiful places. And more importantly, it's not necessarily about WHERE I am going or WHEN I will get there, but it's about WHO is with me in the MIDDLE of it. God will never forsake or leave me. He will not abandon me. It is not in his character or nature to do so. He is incapable of doing so. So let go and let God. And I'll do my part - BE his daughter and BEloved. I can rest. Rest in his love and the truth that he is always at work. He's got me. 

Lord, I have chosen you alone as my inheritance. 
You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. 
I leave my destiny and its timing in your hands.
Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. 
I’m overwhelmed by the privileges
that come with following you,
for you have given me the best! Psalm 16:5-6 (TPT)


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