Resurrection Power

Easter is hands down my favorite christian celebration (holiday). Of course the story is only made complete because of the first Christmas. While I'm not sure of all the intricacies that transpired in the formation of the redemption plan, I just can't help but think the heart of Easter is at the core, if not the source. Because of God's great love, he came to our rescue. He is our rescue. He redeemed us, making a way for us to have a restored relationship with God the Father. 

I love Easter for many reasons. One being the power of the Easter story. It's this great epic story that is dynamic and has moving parts - a climax, cliff hanger and then reveal. Second it may be one of the lesser commercialized and appropriated holidays. I feel this celebration is still held and kept to it's true origination. Finally, it's truly an invitation for all. Regardless of what we are facing, where we are geographically located on the planet, our social, economical class, gender or age, it's an opportunity for all to either remember and celebrate hope, or to receive hope for the first time. With all of our differences, it unites us all. It's a day with a very clear, specific purpose for which it is also communicated in that manner. While the expressions may be different from one person or church to the next, the heart is the same - the entire message is about King JESUS. Period. 

It's a beautiful story of redemption that began over 2000 years ago and it is a story that is still redeeming us. We are continually being rescued daily. It's not a celebration to only look back at what was once, but it also speaks to our present and our future. It invites each person to personally respond. To receive a free gift of salvation. For new hope, joy strength for today. An invitation for transformation. For a fresh start. A new life. There is something for everyone.  

It also speaks to the character of Jesus. He is a promise keeper - he did what he said he would do. He not only defeated sin and conquered death, he is alive and he is risen. As son's and daughter's, the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the same resurrection power that lives in us. It's truly a hope-filled celebration. It's the solid truth and certainty for our soul especially during this crazy season we find ourselves in. 

We can face our past with peace because of what Jesus did on the cross that allows God's grace and forgiveness to be extended towards us. We can live in today with joy because Jesus made a way for the presence of God to be continually with us. And we can face tomorrow with confidence because of our faith in Jesus who is our ever present help.  

We have a heavenly father who loves us and is for us. And that is for EVERYONE. Happy Easter, everyday! 


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