Awakened for Transformation

Transformation: A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

The goal is transformation not behavioral modification. God desires for us to be awakened to engage for lasting change - transformation. Scripture exhorts us to multiply and bear much fruit. Fruit that is good for consumption. Fruit that is beneficial. Fruit that continues to produce and provide nourishment long after it's been used up. 

We can receive information but if we don't take in that information and process it for understanding, it's no more than letters and words on a page. In one ear and out the other. We can be made aware of information and be informed of the relevance and scope of that information within the context of our world. However even still many will be informed and made aware of a matter or issue but if they don't actively engage with the information, they will walk away unchanged. Then there are those that are made aware and immediately put into action to further explore and inquire what does this mean to me and what do I do. When we actively participate and engage with God in the things he has brought into our peripheral awareness we invite life into our midst. We ask him to open our eyes, ears and understanding. We desire to be awakened, and made alive. And where there is Jesus, everything changes. In that awakening there is opportunity for change and transformation. 

I want to continually be in a position where I am searching and asking God to awaken me to whatever thing, idea, revelation, work, truth, sin, person that he desires so that I can live fully alive, fully present, fully engaged and fully in fellowship with him. I don't want modified behavior that reverts back to old ways, habits. I want true transformation. Yielded and completely surrendered to the Potter. Committed and obeying completely to my master. Discipleship is the spiritual formation for which we move from information, to awareness, to awakened to transformation. 


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