Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 

To all the moms, mother figures, spiritual moms - to all women who have given life, loved, cared, supported, nurtured another human being, we CELEBRATE YOU! 

Thank you for all the immeasurable things you do - big and small, seen and hidden. We honor you! Your worth and significance is not found in the things you do, though they are many, this special day is set a part just for you because we acknowledge the gift you have given - the gift of life. Whether that is through physically birthing a child or spiritually caring for another, both are equally honorable and treasured before God. Today is a celebration of all women who have given life and who are life giving. 

Mother's Day is not only a day for those who have gotten this "mother" thing down perfectly.There is no perfect human, no perfect mom and we honor you all the more for how you continue to show up even in your weakness. So whether you feel you failed as a mom, are failing as a mom or you are crushing it, God sees you and he loves you. Be loved and celebrated this day.   

I also recognize this holiday is not a day full of joy for some but rather it brings grief, sadness, pain or even disappointment. Whether you are missing a mom, longing to be a mother but not yet or for whatever the circumstances, God is near to the brokenhearted. May you feel the nearness of his presence and tender love. I am very sorry today is a difficult day.  Please do not feel shame or be ashamed but rather compassion and sincere empathy.  You are mighty and strong. 

I also want to highlight our single moms. I have a deep admiration and respect for you. My heart is with you and I applaud you! However the circumstances that has led you to this place, thank you for showing up, especially when it's hard and painful. Rain or shine, full of energy or depleted, lonely or afraid... thank you. May you feel extra loved today. 

May God give us continued grace and strength to lead son's and daughter's who know him, honor him and live all the days of their lives to make much about him. We're called to mother a generation towards the heart God!!  


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