What inspires you? What gives you inspiration? What moves your heart and motivates you to keep showing up? To live to the full? 

A few things I love.... candid pictures (not too formal or posed), beautifully designed and decorated buildings and homes (exterior and interior), thought provoking words, music that stirs emotions. Colors - all shades and hues and thoughtful, symmetrical and appropriately categorized organization of anything. I also love all things simple but meaningful and purposeful. So whether it's arts, creatives, literary, organization or fashion, I am super inspired by those who show up with the best version of themselves - the purest and most authentic and give it their all to whatever craft or trade. They do what they do from a pure heart and stay true to the mission, vision of whatever it is that they are attempting to accomplish. 

Now make note I didn't mention it had to be flawless, perfect or even that the person has to be the "best" in their trade. I am saying those who show up and give their best and stay true to the person God has called them to be and do it wholeheartedly, that's what really inspires me. Also, nor did I say they had to LOOOOOVE what they do all of the time. There are many things we do that we don't enjoy or find pleasurable. So what also inspires me are people who have a great attitude and a heart of gratitude. They are humble, meek and gracious.

Today, are you showing up and being the best version of the you God intended and created? We all have fallen short from time to time. And for that reason, I am forever grateful for a grace-giving gracious God who not only understands our hang ups and mess ups, but he also makes provision to help us in our weakness. The apostle Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 of what Jesus says to us, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in weakness.”


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