My Grace Has Already Made The Way

My grace has already made the way.
Whispers written by: Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez   

"I love you in your struggle and weakness. While you are still far off, I run to you with restoration. While you are in the midst of repentance, I am forgiving you. While you are pondering your future, I have gone ahead to open up the way. While you are asleep, I place my grace over you. While you hope that your family is healed, I am at work in hearts to make you whole.

Within you is a deep need—a need for my grace and mercy. Like a river that always seeks the lowest place, my grace runs down into the deepest need of your heart and fills it to overflowing. Soon, you will leap with strength and run victoriously through the ranks of the enemy’s forces. I will train you in my grace to win every battle and defeat the discouragement that has sought to muffle your voice. You will run into my grace and find all that you need. I am the extravagant Father who understands you fully. So come and expect me to work through you to change the world." 


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