God is not only my provider and the source but he himself is provision. Everything is mine in him. When I have him, I have everything. Easier said than lived out. It's been a process, but over the past few years, God has been graciously and patiently walking me through deeper truths surrounding this theme of provisions, and that I am enough. Because he is enough, I am enough. I have everything I need, and will have everything I need to run my race well.  

While financial and material provisions have been a part of the process, it's actually been more of a reconciliation process - me with my story up until this point. God wants me to tell a new narrative, from a healthier and clearer heart posture and mindset. And so he has been gently peeling away thin layers of fear, doubt and insecurity. He's been pruning, cutting away, making those "quarter of an inch turns." So I kept clinging to him. Persistently asking him to please teach and show me how to walk wholly - in heart, mind and soul according to the truth of who he says I am and my inheritance as his daughter. If you keep showing up and asking, there is nothing too big or too small he won't reveal for our profit and maturity. 

God has graciously affirmed, strengthened, fortified me in his love. He sang truth over me until my human and earthly experiences no longer clouds my view or speaks louder than what he says. I have not been given leftovers, or the "short end of the stick." Struggling to survive is not my "lot." I am not too much, or a burden. It's not all up to me to take care of myself. My past does not dictate my future. I am not limited as a result of my current or past circumstances or situations. He will always show up for me. He will always do what he says and promises. Every single time. He alone is reliable and dependable. Because he is the source and he himself is provision, there will always be enough. There is no scarcity. He's the river that never runs dry. He is my God and my father, a very good father. He thinks of me, for me and has good thoughts towards me and of me. He is not a better version of my earthly father, he's the perfect father. 

Today, however your relationship with your earthy father is - great, okay, less than ideal or quite frankly, grievous, it's no comparison to God as father. If he said it, he will do it. He will always come through. We are safe in his arms and care. He alone makes me secure. I am not lacking. I lack no good thing. 

Young lions lack food and go hungry, but those who seek the Lord will nolack any good thing. Psalm 34:10


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