With God

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 

Today is Wednesday but yet it honestly feels like it's been two weeks or at least it should have been Friday two days ago. Long workdays, double duty with caring and tending to the home and children has a way of making the week feel longer than it should. I am not complaining at all but rather incredibly thankful for a family, kids and work that keeps my days full. The never-ending sink of dishes, abundance of laundry, toys, pencils, school work sprinkled throughout the house reminds me that there is life happening. There is movement. There is progress. We are alive. Things could be so very different for us, so with a full heart, I embrace these moments. I'm getting better at living in the moment, the present. But nonetheless, it's still a unique time for us all and I fully acknowledge it is God's grace alone that carries and sustains me. 

When I look back at various seasons of my life, I am amazed because truly with man it was impossible, but if not for God. He worked through us, and he was with us. One of the crazy things we've done, not once but twice was move cross country with newborns. With no firm job or any security other than an undeniable calling and strong conviction. So with a heart of obedience and with God, we put feet to our faith, with faith. And every time, God would demonstrate himself faithful, again and again. He showed up and he came through. Now I didn't say he always showed up and answered in ways I expected, prayed or wanted. Nor did his timing seem to correlate with mine. But he does and do as he knows best. His ways our perfect, his thoughts are higher than mine. Trust me, let that battle go. Go with his timing, let him be God. I'll just stay in my lane! 

Make no mistake though, it was not easy breezy. There was much travailing in prayer, pain, sweat, tears and sacrifice in the offering. But with God, he makes all things possible and our efforts and work purposeful. If it was just us, it'd just be hard work. But with God, he makes the possibilities endless, limitless and possible! I'd do it all over again if it means being where God wants me to be - with him.  

Today, I am reminded and encouraged that my father is a God of the impossible, and of endless possibilities. So with him, nothing is too hard, too crazy, too far reached. Anything is possible WITH GOD!


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