The Tide is Turning

We are all experiencing a challenging season of navigating life amid a global pandemic and the only certainty appears to be uncertainty and constant change. And sometimes we can feel lost, abandoned, forgotten and alone in a big and scary world; left to figure out how to live on our own. While our feelings are real and valid, God's word speaks a truer reality and that is, we are not alone. We are not orphans. We have a Father! Our Father is with us and He is providing for us. And above all, because He is alive, I can live fully alive, no matter how difficult or dark things can get or appear. We can choose to live with hope! 

It's been a particularly challenging last few weeks. Perhaps the "newness" of COVID-19 is wearing and the reality of our new normal is settling in and we need to move forward as if things are normal while nothing is really normal or settled at all. There is a struggle, a wrestling, a tension. While all of that is still true and present, today I sensed a shift within my own heart and mind.  I did not hear an audible voice but these words were impressed upon my heart, "the tide is turning."  

What does that mean? Only God fully knows and time will tell. But I do know this, those words brought much encouragement to a heart that was beginning to show signs of weary. It refreshed my mind that was growing fatigue. And it gave me a sense of renewed vision and purpose not only for my life and family but for His people and His church. So I'm going with it. I'd rather err on the side of faith and hope and speak life to myself and into the space around me because what is the alternative? To live defeated, dejected and hopeless? That's actually not really an option for those of us who are in Christ because of what the bible says. Jesus boldly declares, "Because I live, you will live too." (John 14:19) Jesus also invites us to live fully alive, completely awake and abundantly overflowing in and through Him. (John 10:10). 

Friend, God is not finished and life as we are currently experiencing is not how it will always be. In God's infinite wisdom and sovereignty, He is working all things out. He is turning it for our good according to His purposes. While we don't always understand the way, the why or the how he chooses to accomplish his purposes and will in our lives, we know that He is good and He only does good. 


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