Remembrance - A Gift

How many of us at some point in our life or in some particular situation wished we had "amnesia."  There are some things we simply wish we could erase, forget, remember no more. And in some instances and for some specific situations, I think that's a very fair desire. I wish I had something to say to ease those hard memories but I know my words fall short. So I pray the God of all comfort will continually meet you in that place with His love and grace. 

Today during a message, I was reminded that remembrance can serve as a catalyst or a jolt of motivation that helps us to keep moving forward and to keep perspective, especially during dark and uncertain times. The gift of remembrance can help shift our thoughts and mind to stay focus - to stay the course and path that's before us when we feel tempted to abandon or take a different path. The gift of remembrance can be the fuel that keeps us dreaming or to stay with a dream especially during those moments when the dream feels on hold or perhaps, the dream isn't going to happen. 

The gift of remembrance allows us to look back and see the ways God has moved on our behalf in the past. We can remember His faithfulness, His trustworthiness. We look back and remember how far He has brought us and remember that feeling of His rescue or when He first put that dream or idea in our heart. The ability to remember and regain perspective, to set our hearts and minds towards Him once again. 

God is faithful. 

He will be faithful when the dream happens. And He will still be faithful if the dream does not happen as we hope or envision because He promises to be faithful to carry us through that moment as well. 

The gift of remembrance is an opportunity to see God and experience His everlasting faithful love. 


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