Look a Little Closer

I am encouraged today and reminded that despite how things may appear in the natural or in our present reality, God can turn it around in a moment. Also, things are not always as they appear. So we have to deliberately, patiently sit long enough and stay long enough to see the fullness of what God is doing. As hard as waiting can be, we can be confident of this, through every season and moment, God is always, always at work. 

During the winter season, everything appears dead, barren and devoid of life. However, it's in that very winter season that serves as the preparation for the things to come in the next season, spring. While the fruit and product may look different in each season, phase of life - all are equally important, necessary and part of the entire process. You cannot have one without the other. There is a time and season for everything under the sun. Regardless of the moment, Jesus is at the center of every season and moment. 

Wherever Jesus is there is life. For he is Life and he alone is the Sustainer of our lives. He is the Source of our strength, our Provider - he himself is the provision. Today, be encouraged. Take a second look. Linger a little longer. Stay in the game. Remain committed and steadfast. Keep on hoping and believing. Look a little more closely, and see the fingerprint of God at work. His promises are yes and amen. Take courage and remain strengthened in him and by him. 


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