All along

RockStar Hubs shared a story yesterday and I told him it would "preach." 

He's been taking care of some long overdue house things we just have not had the time to do, one of them being the gutters. He's a one man show (not necessarily by choice but circumstances) and juggles so many things. He does more things and jobs in one day than any person I know. God bless him for how incredibly hard he works. Lord knows and I sure do! But thankfully our son is a little older and is able to help here and there. It's been brutally hot here in Houston so all the more reasons why I appreciate my husband. But I digress. 

So RockStar Hubs shared that he had a conversation with God yesterday while on the ladder, trying to figure out what he needed to do to solve or fix the gutter. (Side note, RockStar Hubs is a nature/outdoor/hands on kind of guy and talks with God in unconventional places and ways). He was asking God to help him figure out a solution, give insight and direction what tool or supplies he needed. Then he was reminded, "Oh wait. Do I have that tool? I think I may have it." So he goes to the garage and sure enough, it's there. Not only does he have the tool, but it's been there all along in his possession. And even wilder, it's a tool that belonged to his late father and he inherited. Boom. Drop the mic. 

You guys. I think many of us (myself included) will be so surprised when we come face to face with Jesus and find out, while we were searching and looking all around for the answer, solution, fix, help or resource, we had it all along. (Okay not really and not making new doctrine or theology out of this but go with me here.) We have it already because our heavenly FATHER has already supplied and given us the tools we need. 

Friend, be encouraged today. For those who feel ill equipped, lacking, you don't have what it takes, you are at disadvantage, you don't have the right pedigree, God has made provisions for what we need. Please stop looking around for someone else to give you what you think you need. You don't have to wait on others or be at the mercy of others pity or generosity to give you something you already have - it's within you. You carry the DNA of God Almighty. His blood runs through our veins! 

So what's in your hand? What has God placed in your heart? What talents, knowledge or skill sets do you have? What story or experience do you now have that came to you in the form of a "set back" or "detour" or "unwanted experience?" Nothing is wasted. It's all for his glory and he can use it and turn it for good. And even more for those who are in Christ, Jesus says this in John 17, "Everything I have is yours, and everything you have is mine... I have given them the glory you have given me, so that they may be one as we are one. I am in them and you are in me, so that they may be made completely one." 

We have what we need in the person of Jesus Christ. Turn to the father and acknowledge he is your source and your provider. He makes us able and he imparts to us every good thing we need to complete the plans and purposes he has set forth for our lives. Look up and look within and run with God. 


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