I read a one sentence tweet here recently and it was both funny and so accurate in it's description. Ironically, I'm actually not on twitter at all, nor do I really read any of this particular person's feed. Heck, I'm not even on social media. But I love how it seems like God will ordain these encounters because he knows how much it tickles me. I'm a wordy-word, visual/image story lover kinda girl and God knows just how to get me. 

The tweet described what it feels like when couples try to find that family, work-life rhythm and balance. Particularly for those households where both parents work full-time in fast-pace jobs with differing schedules, ever changing demands and pressures while raising small children. And for this mom, homeschooling the last year (prior to COVID-19, but that's another God story for another time). It can definitely feel unsettled at times. So finding a rhythm and groove is like dancing to a song and then the song abruptly stops and then changes to a new song. So very true!!! 

Come on, that statement alone can get me talking in so many directions. Dancing - it's awkward at times, stepping on toes, out of sync and rhythm (either with yourself or spouse). Then at times you and your spouse are digging the song, or maybe one person is and the other is not, and finally you feel like you got it, and then it stops. Sometimes without warning. Then a new song comes on and it can be an entirely different genre, tempo, beat, speed and you're left scrambling to catch up. Not to mention you can be out of breath physically from all that dancing around, even if you have superb dance skills and rhythm. Finding a rhythm in an ever changing world can feel like trying to catch the wind in your hands at times. Impossible! Depending on the season or phase of life, it definitely can feel like the only constant thing is change itself. 

I was so happy when I read that tweet because I was like cool, someone who has an abundance of resources, support and a measure of success and fruitfulness, they too have felt the same tension, struggle and strain I do. So while that was encouraging, that's not actually what resonated with me. 

The word "dance" stood out to me. The more I got thinking about it, I suddenly erupted with laughter. God has been helping me to re-frame and tell a different narrative over the past few years of my story and experiences. So I love when he adds another fun element to the journey. I erupted with a huge smile, and shouted, "What?! God, you've been teaching me how to DANCE!!" 

Ya'll so much more to unpack but for another time.Seriously, how cool is that?! God has brought me such a long way and I thank Him for allowing me to be able to recognize and see that at this juncture in my story. But make no mistake, I'm still in the thick and middle of it all so be encouraged that God supplies what our weary heart needs IN THE MIDDLE. 

In the meantime, I'm going to DANCE and learn new dances and moves. And I'm going to have a good belly laughing time doing it all while creating joyful memories. Truly it's all in how we frame it. 

Friend, it's never too late to re-frame the moment or experience and tell a different narrative. 


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