Every day God is inviting us into something new. First and foremost, he always invites us into friendship and fellowship with him. Daily. Second, he invites us to partner with him. To go where he is going and to do what he is doing on the earth today. It starts within ourselves. Then to our family, our work, our neighborhood, our community, our city, our state, our nation, and our world. Every day he invites us into something fresh and new. 

The question is, are we ready? But even before that, are we even asking him? Are we listening? Do we even think he is inviting us to different adventures, places, work? To a deeper level of healing or intimacy?  

Friend, let's begin each morning with the practice of worship, thanksgiving and praise and devotion. Then before we set out with our own agenda and plan, let's ask, "What do you want me to do? What are you calling me to say yes to? God, what are you saying to me today? 

May God help us to live lives that are continually in the posture of a "YES."  Even before God unfolds the plan, before we completely understand the assignment, before the provisions come, even still may our hearts in trusting obedience of our great God say "yes." And let's see what God does.  

Today, what is God inviting you too? 

Perhaps you need to take that first step and say "yes" to putting your life and trust in him as Lord and Savior. For others, maybe it's saying "yes" to doing life God's ways. Releasing the reigns of your life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. And for others, could it be Jesus is calling you to live a life of radical generosity? 

What ever it maybe, even when don't understand all that we're saying yes too, we can still confidently say "yes" because we know WHO we are saying YES too. Friend, Jesus is faithful, trustworthy and he will never forsake us, fail us or abandon us. He has given us every thing we need to walk this life out well.  


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