"Long obedience in the same direction." That will preach and I love it. 

It is a true and an encouraging word, especially for anyone who may feel weary in the waiting, or uncertainty, or both. For those who feel like certain dreams or prayers are taking longer than you hoped or would like, or for anyone who is so “over” ______ (you fill in the blank), I hear you. But I also want you to be encouraged while in the middle of it all. Something far deeper, wider and greater than what we can conceive or comprehend is being forged and produced. Endurance, strength and faithfulness is being built in us. And even more importantly, obedience. 

However, it seems in our current culture, "slow" generally carries a negative connotation. But I am here to remind us that there is no shame in "slow." God knows the beginning from the end and He holds us in the middle. He is with us and he is for us. My portion is to obey and stay the course. 

So let's re-frame and flip our preconceived thoughts and emotions towards "slow." All things take time, some just a little longer. But as we wait, we can be encouraged and turn towards Jesus because he understands what we are experiencing. We can become more like Christ and deepen our friendship and fellowship. 

Over 2000 years ago, God the Son, Jesus Christ came to earth as a human. He lived and walked this earth fully God and fully man with one singular focus - to obey and do the Father's will. He came to be our Savior which took him to a cross where he suffered and died a criminals death. Jesus did no wrong and never committed a sin. But he too walked the path of long obedience in the same direction. Now he is glorified and exalted at the right side of His Father. 

Friend, we too can walk the path of long obedience in the same direction with joy and fullness of heart and confidence because we follow in our Saviors footsteps. 


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