YES. Defined as "used to give an affirmative response" or "an affirmative answer or decision." 

Three simple letters but when used can be life changing. It has the potential to change the trajectory of our life. The course of our life and how we live thereafter is significantly impacted by what we say "yes" too. 

Many of us said "yes" to following Jesus. And not only that, we also said yes to obeying and keeping his commands. We said yes to exchanging our life for the life he intended for us. And hands down that is the best yes we could ever make. Period. So while there is no dispute that is the single most important decision of our life, that "yes" did not come with a guarantee that life would now be painless, void of suffering and hardships. Saying yes was not the winning ticket to an easy-free life nor did it immune us to uncertainty and struggle. We are still weak at times and find ourselves weary or disappointed or even sad and anxious. So is the "yes" still worth it? I don't think that's the right question. The more appropriate question is, "is he worth it? And a resounding and loud YES, JESUS is WORTHY. And I not only would say yes again, but I say yes daily. Why?   

When we say yes, we are saying yes to a person - Jesus Christ and a relationship with him. 

So when we said yes, we did not say yes to a comfortable, predictable and safe life. We did not say yes to a religion or ideology. We did not say yes to the idea of a person or only for what we can gain or obtain from them. That's merely a transaction. But when we say yes to Jesus, we are saying yes to a covenant relationship with the only one who truly knows us and loves us. He alone is mighty to save and rescue us. We are saying yes to a commitment to stay in the relationship and to dig our heels deeper, especially when things get tough. 

And with that yes, though we will still face hardships and heartache, Jesus promises to always be with us, especially in the face of that suffering. The indwelling spirit of God lives within us to comfort and guide us through life's challenges and the sufferings of this world. God the Father promises to never leave us or forsake us, he is a father to the fatherless. And even more reassuring, we have been given the promise that one day Jesus will return for us and make all things right. He has prepared a home for us and he will keep us until the day of his return. While we may not be completely "safe" in terms of our understanding of "safety" and "comfort" on this earth, we are most definitely forever and eternally safe and secure in our Father's arms. Jesus Christ gave himself to us as that promise, and the Holy Spirit is our deposit and guarantee that we are forever his, no matter what happens in this world. Friend, we can keep saying "yes" even when the "yes" looks very different that what we had imagined or expected. It's a win/win. We cannot lose. There is nothing to lose that was never really worth keeping when we say "yes" to Jesus. 

The season we find ourselves in is an incredibly powerful time to pause and reflect and ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts. I think it's very telling time of our motives, attitudes, beliefs and what's really going on under the surface and behind the exterior. Do we believe what we said we believe. Can we live by our convictions and beliefs even if it means disappointing people or losing friendships but honoring God and keeping in fellowship with him? Do we really believe God's word is the final authority, every single word? Do we really love what or who we say we love?  Please make not mistake, there is no condemnation. But let's not miss this great opportunity to reflect, grow and mature.  

For those who are in leadership or actively involved with their local church community, I'm sure when you said "yes" to serving Jesus you could not have imagined you were actually saying "yes" to serving in the face of and middle of a global pandemic. You had no idea you were saying yes to adjusting your program, re-structuring organization, learning and adapting to new platforms, ways of teaching and staying connected with people. You had no idea you were saying yes to "on the job training" and deploying new technology simultaneously. This goes for many other professions, to include stay at home parents as well, just to name a few. None of us are exempt. We didn't realize we were saying "yes" to being stretched and pulled in ways we didn't think was possible. While we may feel the pressure and demands at times, nothing is beyond the help of Jesus. 

Today, reevaluate your "yes." Are you in it for the right reasons? Can we make adjustments to better align our motives and hearts with the Word of God? May God give us revelation for the things we need to see, and the courage to take actions to have our "yes" line up with his heart. 

Yes, Lord, we wait for you
in the path of your judgments.
Our desire is for your name and renown. Isaiah 26:8


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