My dad

I believe in giving honor where honor is due. I also believe in honoring the story God has given, and being a good steward in re-telling and recounting HisStory and faithfulness. This week, I was reminded of my father's story. Here is the cliffnote version. I share because this too is part of my story. I cannot tell one without the other. 

I honor my father and praise God that he made the best decision for me ever, and that was to receive Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. It has forever changed the course of my life and destiny and for generations to come. So thank you, Dad. 

God’s hand and providence is on my life but first starting with my dad. My dad and mom have an incredible story of God’s rescue and redemption as a refugee (Vietnam, April 1975). He courageously escaped to find freedom and a better future. While on route with my mom, his less than one month old daughter (my sister), and his 3 younger siblings, they set out by boat for freedom. They banded together and took care of each other, including a less than 10 year old sibling who they all took under their wing. 

It was there out in the deep ocean that my dad cried out for God’s rescue. And God answered. My dad would then go on to commit his life to Christ and eventually full-time ministry. He helped lead his entire family to Jesus. And by God’s grace, the legacy continues, from one generation to the next. 💛

Through all of the challenges, ups and downs, unknowns, tragedy and heartbreak - one thing was constant, God himself. God was faithful through it all. God showed up. And He still does. 

Friend, be courageous and faithful to TELL HisSTORY. 


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