You've probably have heard this saying. "You are blessed to be a blessing."  It's nice. It's cute and there is truth to the statement. I've probably have spoken that same expression, and there is nothing inherently wrong about it. But in my opinion, it's incomplete. And if I take it a step further, it leaves room for varying interpretations and applications that can fall short of the original intent. 

Yes, we are called to be vessels and a conduit of God's love, grace and mercy. We are his servants, an "extension" of Jesus if you will, to carry out the Great Commission. We are called to be generous and to help those in needs. So in some sense, yes we are blessed to be a blessing. But even greater and ultimately, we are called to rightly and compellingly bear the image of God. How do we do that? In all that we say, do and accomplish here on earth, it is with one singular aim and focus - to point to our great and glorious God. Period. To make much about Jesus. To make his fame and name known. To make him famous by displaying and re-presenting his beauty and splendor in and through our lives.  

We are "blessed," given platforms, success, influence, wealth, favor, gifts, talents, good things, riches for one sole reason, to display God's majesty, glory and greatness before all men, so that they may see and be in awe of our almighty God. That they too would fall down in awe worship and praise of this great and matchless King.

We are not "blessed" to live comfortable lives. We are not "blessed" to build up a name for ourselves. We are not "blessed" to acquire possessions and store up treasures on this earth. We are not "blessed' to leave a large inheritance for our children. We are not "blessed" to leave a legacy where we are remembered. We are not "blessed" to make much about ourselves. And if we are not ever so careful, we may fall prey into this slow drift in making this life about us. 

Having said all of that, please make no mistake. God takes great delight when we enjoy beautiful things he has provided. I would even say, it actually brings God great glory and joy when we, 1.) enjoy his gifts and creation, and, 2.) ascribe honor and glory to him for being the author of that gift and creation we just enjoyed. Again, in all that we do, it is to bring glory to God. We are blessed for one reason, to give God glory. To offer that blessing back to the Lord as an offering of worship and praise because we are in awe of the one who gave it to us and made it possible. 

So is it okay to be great and well-known in our field of work? Should we work hard and leave an inheritance for our children? Should we live in such a way where we leave a good name after we depart from this earth? Absolutely. But it must be with one singular heart and motivation - to use it as the means and way we give God glory that is rightly and duly his. We cannot add to God's glory. He is glorious and worshiped whether we choose to do so or not. However, when God "blesses" us on this earth, it is not about us. Why? Because we have already been given the greatest and most precious gift ever, eternal life and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. With all of our shortcomings and mistakes, we have been made right. For those who have put their trust in Jesus, we are not condemned. We will not face judgement for our sins because we stand on the righteousness of Jesus. We have been given the gift of freedom and full access to the Father as sons and daughters. There is no other greater gift, inheritance or possession than to have right standing before God. 

So if God never gave us another thing or does not do anything else for us, what he has already done and given is forever more than enough. He has prepared a home for us, and he is coming back for us. If that was not enough, he has already promised to right every wrong. And to top it off, we will have a perfect resurrected body. Our eternal resting place is secure. We have been given the gift of assurance and confidence of our future inheritance. What peace. That is beyond any earthly possession or fame. We right standing before the only holy, righteous and just God. And even more, he calls us friend. 

I submit to you friend when God "blesses" us here on this earth, it is not about us. It never is. It is an invitation and an opportunity to give Him glory. An invitation to worship him and to make his name great. And an opportunity to invite others to come and join us in worshiping and bowing down before this awesome God. 


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