The Main Thing

Keeping the main thing, the main thing. 

With all that's going on currently, it's so easy to get pulled into the chaos and drama. It's a slow drift. Reading an article here and there, scrolling through social media *just for a few minutes* but you then find yourself hours later, right where you started and with nothing really impacting or meaningful to account for the time you just spent. 

So am I against leisure reading? Absolutely not. Am I anti-connecting and staying in the "know" through social media? By all means, have a go at it. While it's not my particular cup of tea, we all have our ways to decompress and go-to outlets for information. However, we should proceed with caution. It's so crucial that we are sober, aware and in control of what we read and how much time we spend. While it's always been the case, but more so now than ever, emotions and tensions are at an all time high and it's so imperative that we are wise and "awake." Otherwise, if we allow ourselves to jump into the currents of our current culture and swim right alongside, we can quickly find ourselves in waters and spaces we never intended. And slowly, our hearts can either become desensitized due to chronic negativity. Or due to information overload, we can become indifferent, hardened and cynical towards the things that really are truly significant and worth us showing up for. 

There has never been a more important time than today that we need to fight to keep the main thing the main thing. We constantly have to keep in the forefront of our minds who we are and whose we belong too. We have to daily, moment by moment shake ourselves back into God's perspective and remember our purpose  and the reason we have been given life. 

We are to preach Christ, share the love of the Father, and to proclaim the faithfulness and goodness of God to all people. We must never forget our reason for living. We must never forget we have been given the incredible privilege of image bearers of God to display his glory and majesty in all that we say and do. In today's environment, will we lose a few friends or followers in the process? Maybe and probably. May we be discarded as no longer "relevant." More likely than not, yes. Will some think we're boring and not cool? Who knows. And honestly, in the end does it really matter? So why do we care what people think about us? I want to live for an audience of one. But I also want to do it in such a way that attracts and draws people towards the love of God and not alienate people. It's an interesting balance, but not impossible. As long as I am true to my convictions and steadfast and consistent in the things I believe, authenticity is attractive and builds trust. 


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