Feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep. Cause to become tired. Exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness. Expressing or characteristic of weariness. Having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted.

It hit me this week. For a number of reasons. I'll spare you the details. 

I initially thought weary was a negative word. Until I actually looked up the definition. And it's a good descriptive of where many of us may be. Weary is not the absence of hope or faith. It's not void of prayer, or a sign of being spiritually unhealthy. It's called being HUMAN with limitations. And we get tired. 

It's actually a good word and a good thing. For me, it's a warning sign letting me know something needs to be tended too. It's amazing how our body has a way of telling us to slow down, take a break, create some space to breathe and recharge lest you go off the deep end and end up in a "place" you didn't want to be or go. I'm getting better with self-awareness and giving myself permission to rest. 

I was able to identify the signs early on and took some time and days off from work. I needed to create space and margin in my schedule. I am grateful for the option to do so, but it has not always been the case. It has actually only been within the last few months that my work, life and responsibilities have permitted. I say that to encourage those who are knee deep in weariness and there is no relief in sight. You are juggling so many things. Taking care of people and carrying many responsibilities. You cannot stop or afford to take a break. Your break is probably the few hours of sleep you get, if even that. You feel the pressure and stress of life. You are tense and strained. If that is you, I deeply empathize with and for you. I have been there and am still there at times. Please know that it does get better. You won't be in this season or phase forever. I am praying with you and for you. Asking God to give you supernatural strength and endurance to keep going. I pray Jesus will give you rest and the Spirit of God renew your mind, body and heart and fill you with joy. And more importantly, Jesus hears you. He sees you and He understands. 

At this point in my journey of "soul care," I've learned to not force or rush myself out of a feeling. But to pause and consider what I am feeling. I process and work through my emotions and thoughts. Then take action to recharge, reset and refocus. Sometimes it may require eliminating the stressor and if that is not possible, I mitigate the other areas that I can in order to create space and margin to breathe and re-group. In another post, I can share the specifics of what I do. It varies depending on what I am experiencing. But tonight, feeling strengthened and very grateful. 

"But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not become weary, they will walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31


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