Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! 

Although the way we gather and celebrate across the nation looks different this year, I am very grateful still for the opportunity to pause and reflect on our freedom as Americans. There is still a reason to pause, remember and express gratitude for the life we live and have been afforded. Is America perfect or without faults? Of course not. Do we have more work to do? A resounding yes. But we can still bless the land we live and call home. And let's choose to be part of the solution. 

As for our household, we are proud of our country, despite her faults and blemishes. We are all a work in progress. Granted, some needing a little more work than others, but nonetheless, this is our country, our home while we are on this side of heaven. Praying for our great nation and for unity. We are better together. 

God bless America! 


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