The anthem of my heart is this powerful and unchanging truth that GOD IS GOOD. Regardless of the circumstances, in the face of suffering and pain, and seemingly unanswered prayers, GOD IS GOOD. And because he is good, all is well with my soul and all will continue to be well with my soul. 

2020 has been an unusual year marked with uncertainty and wilderness like components. It's been such an interesting juxtaposition, so much feels fragile and flimsy but firm and solid at the same time. It's been an unusual and awkward but simultaneously sacred and holy. We're social distancing, on restrictions and somewhat isolated but yet it also feels intimate, freeing and connected. It's been a wild season! One thing that God is really driving home for me is relearning (discipline) of how to (practically) live in his daily presence. 

With the current state of affairs, it's a bit challenging to plan for "tomorrow" not alone the future. And if it took a pandemic to help me finally pry my fingers off the need to control or "know" the future in order to "prepare" and "plan," well praise God, mission accomplished. While I don't know what tomorrow or the future holds, I okay and resting in the fact that God knows, and in this space and place of uncertainty, God is actually inviting me to daily depend on him. 

He gives me enough for this day and invites me to abide and draw closer to him again and again and then tomorrow and the day after that and for the rest of my days on this earth. He invites me to come and drink from the well that does not run dry and find true refreshment and rest for my soul. You see, the longer I walk with God, the more I realize how much I need him. And as I grow and mature in faith, I don't ever "graduate" into greater independence, but rather, I find my dependency upon him is even greater and so much so that at times, I am desperately dependent upon him literally for my next breath and for strength to take the next step. 

So as we continue to navigate the rest of 2020 and into the new year and days to come, may the anthem of our heart heart and life be all the more confident in declaring that no matter what happens, our GOD IS GOOD and he is in control.  


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