Even If

"Even if He doesn't..." that line reverberates so deeply within my soul. I just can't get away from it. It's really good theology. Yes, we reach for the stars, we pray and believe for audacious and ridiculous things in Jesus name all for his glory. Because why not? God is our Father. We have a present and gracious Father. And as sons and daughters, I can and am invited to come boldly to my Father with my heart, desires, dreams and longings. It's for the asking, so why not. I can and am given permission to ask of my Father and I will trust in His faithfulness and wisdom to answer me in accordance with His good will and purposes. 

In this season, God has been reminding, stretching and strengthening my core. He's helping me to ensure that my heart is continually fixed, steadfast and anchored in His love and goodness alone. So that if and when there should ever be a prayer or situation that God doesn't "answer" or "respond" in the way I wanted, would have chosen or liked, I'm still going to be okay. Because God alone is my shield, my portion and my great reward. So either way, whether on this side of heaven or into eternity, I just cannot lose and I simply will not miss out. 

So friend, go ahead and ask. Cause even if He doesn't ______ (you fill in the blank), we're still going to praise Him, believe Him, worship Him, adore Him, revere Him, follow Him, love Him and trust Him. 

In all things, I desire God's will to be fulfilled and revealed in my life. So I have purposed and set my heart on abiding in him so that I'll know what to ask and pray for and when I do ask and pray, however the outcome, I'm firm in His perfect love and sovereignty. Let's make it our aim to be rooted in Jesus Christ and in Truth so that we may stand tall and strong through every battle and every season of life, to the great glory of my Lord and Savior. 


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