Spicy Saturday Musings

Thank God for his patience and loving kindness constantly leading us back on the right path cause one too many times...

We want the return on investment but not willing to do what it takes to invest and grow it. We want the path of least resistance. We want easy. We want all the benefits but with minimal sacrifice. We want a big pay off from little sweat equity. We really just want to sit back and have God do his “genie” magic. We want instant results because we’ve yet to develop endurance, determination, faithfulness, tenacity, persistence, perseverance, obedience, prayer, long suffering, diligent, work muscles. We misunderstand rest as inactivity. We inappropriately equate striving and hustle to be the same as hard and diligent work. We think prudent planning is not demonstrating faith in God. We assume as long as we’re doing some activity in church or for church or in God’s name is the same as having sought the heart and mind of God for his guidance in leading us in purposeful work he has intended and ordained for us. 

Thank you Jesus for being a very good Shepherd. Ever present and ever patient and compassionate and gentle towards are wandering and leading us on the right path. 


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