Flip it

Now more than ever, it's imperative that we filter, view and see all things through the lens of God's goodness. He is good. He is loving. He is faithful. Always. 

God's character is firm. There is no shifting or changing in who he is and his goodness. This is especially true during these turbulent and tense times we live in. God's goodness is not dependent upon our circumstances. His faithfulness is not contingent upon our ability to comprehend all that he is doing in our lives and in our midst. His loving kindness is not measured or validated by our ability to neatly and concisely reconcile all wrongs, hurts, and the injustice and evil in our world. So why is this important? Because the slow drifts are the ones that eventually lead us to a place in our thoughts and mind that are not true to who God is. The enemy wants to plant seeds of doubt and question in regards to the goodness and nature of God. And if we are not careful, our beliefs began to shift and our lives follow thereafter. 

There is no disagreeing that we are constantly bombarded with information and opinions, swinging from every extreme. If we are not careful, we may begin to believe a wrong narrative about who God is, what he says, and ultimately who we are. Yes, we are humans with emotions and there will be times when we FEEL defeated, depressed or disappointed. There is no shame in being human and having emotions. However, we need to quickly feel and process and return back to God. Because the enemy would not want anything more than for our feelings to turn into beliefs and beliefs into a mindset and eventually a lifestyle. The enemy wants us to stay in our feelings and to eventually begin living defeated, depressed and disappointed. 

Friend, when we feel defeated, depressed and disappointed, don't stay in that place alone. Turn to and towards God. Trade your defeat, depression and disappointment for dependence upon God. God actually wants to produce in us a greater dependence upon him. Essentially, He wants us to flip that feeling of defeat, depression and disappointment on the enemy's head and run to the Father. We cannot do this life alone. We cannot live without God. So every opportunity the enemy uses for our harm, God says, "Flip it and learn, gain greater trust, reliance, and confidence in me."  Hope in God alone.   

Today, let's flip some things and run with greater peace, freedom and confidence. We are overcomers in Jesus Christ. 


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