Out of Control

It's extremely troubling, concerning and unsettling the things we see, hear and read that is taking place in our country today. I think that's putting things very mildly. Of course, there is always two sides to the story and it's imperative to take what we read, see and hear on the news and internet with discernment. However, there's enough evidence for us to all agree we are facing very challenging times on several fronts and at times, every thing feels and appears totally out of control. The hate, anger and quite frankly the rage is very real and very apparent and very alarming. In some instances, there seems to be pure disdain for anything decent or civil with lawlessness gone wild. And if I'm not careful, I can easily find myself caught up in all the madness. The chaos and unrest leaves me at times feeling out of control, tense and wound up.  

It's apparent our society is hurting. We've been hurting and fractured for a very long time - long before COVID-19 ever presented itself. Many have been able to keep the raging storm at bay by numbing, medicating, masking and distracting ourselves until we finally see now that all of our vices no longer can hold back, mitigate or buffer what's been brewing and stewing for quite some time. It's time to bring things to the light. It's time to finally address the brokenness and seek transformation and not just band-aid fixes or "better" coping mechanisms that only masks and not truly moves people towards soul healing and help. And yet I'm still hopeful but painfully so, the reality is also this, it's going to get painfully and brutally ugly and messier before it gets better. But again, I have hope things will get better. We all need to get back to working on us and being a better "me."  

I do have hope that the unrest and strife will relent, and we will be civil and compassionate with one another once again. Although so much feels out of control, God is very much still in control. That which needs to be exposed is being exposed, not for shame or blame but for truth and healing. Things are being shaken, pruned, cut off and burned away to reveal and unearth what we truly value so that we can come back not only stronger and better but healthier, or at least on a clearer path towards health. While I know all of this may sound very "christianese," cliche, overly simplistic, wishful thinking, so I ask in return, if not taking a hopeful stance, what is the alternative? There is no other alternative. This is not wishful thinking or talk because I have a God who can back it up. So I choose to believe that God is in control and he sits on the throne. While I believe God respects our freewill, he is a just and merciful God and there will come a time when he will bring forth justice, honor and reverence once again. I believe this for my lifetime and that of my children. 

God is continually calling out and raising up his people to stand. He is preparing us to go out and share the love of Jesus and administer his healing touch to a hurting world. He's rallying up sons and daughters to live fearlessly for him. So regardless of the facts and the reality of the current state of affairs, I choose hope. I choose to trust God, to turn towards Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to embolden me to stand and move in faith. 

So friend, let's continually choose hope. And as I hope, I will hide myself in the shelter of his wing and stay in the safety of his presence. 


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