Rolling Eyes

Some days, it's all the feels, emotions and moods. And to sum up how I really feel is the rolling eye emoji. Don't judge me, for all you super Christians who are even tempered and never get offended, feel annoyed or feel the best response to the crazy is a rolling eye emoji. OK, I kid but not really! I particularly speaking to the situations when people simply don't do what they are suppose to do. Example, you are paid to work but you don't work. You are a professional, but don't take the time to compose a professional email. Now for anyone who think I'm talking about grammatically, sophisticated writing, no. I'm talking about the basic - for starters, spelling the recipients name correctly, especially when their entire name is spelled out in their email address. I'm talking about taking the extra second to write a complete sentence, especially when they are the person asking for assistance. Or how about someone "reaches" out to you under the guise of "God put you on my heart" but the only feeling you get is it's not about you at all but self-serving. Perhaps they need to clear their conscious or check the "I did something good today."  Just saying. I think rolling eye emoji is way better than using words or actually responding with a rolling eye emoji! And for the record, I have not and did not. 

For those who know me, I'm pretty grace-giving, actually very grace-giving despite being a firecracker. But what gets me is the lack of people just taking that extra second ........ to be mindful. I really want to know, will it kill them?! There is something about feeling someone or a situation as being disingenuous that really ruffles my feathers. Nothing will get thinking about the eye rolling emoji than that. I won't say anything because I don't to judge you because I actually don't know your heart or motives. But I am self-aware and I know what I feel, especially if it's a chronic offender. 

In some ways, I guess it boils down to - talk the talk, walk the walk and just do the next right thing. Be authentic and genuine. In some situations and relationships, the most authentic and genuine thing is to not do or say anything but take it to God. Authenticity and genuineness goes a long way.................. especially for this girl. Just saying. 


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